We have the Power to Change the Story

By Bruce Wade

If your story is not going the way you want: Pause and change it.

Easier said than done, but true. If we are watching a movie on Netflix and the characters are doing something stupid that we know will end in disaster, we shout out to the screen “Don’t go into the dark house alone!” or “Stay in the car!” and “Don’t split up, they will kill you!”. We urge the people that we have no control over to stop doing the stupid things they are doing so they do not end up on the end of the pitchfork held by the tall guy with a mask. But when we see our own lives playing out, we gamely go on as if we are immune to the same outcomes. Why?

I have spent many years focusing on my sleep. At first, I tried to understand what happens as we move from awake to sleep. I used to consciously focus on the various facets of my body and then just before I fell asleep, I would wake myself up and do a full body and mind diagnostic. Then do it again and again. I can now, after many years, put myself to sleep in 10 seconds. I then did the same with my dreams. I wanted to have full control over my dreams and be able to become the driving force to make decisions and interact in this wonderful, creative state of mind. Again, after many years, I have full control over my lucid dreams and am often able to rejoin a dream that I was having previously to continue the story. In my dreams, I can summon all sorts of powers and forces to keep the story in my control and run according to my agenda but also allow for fantasy and fiction to run supreme. I fly a lot in my dreams, sometimes at supersonic speeds, I breathe underwater, talk to animals and think up some amazing new concepts. I am also able to press pause and wake myself up if things do not go the way I want them to.

And this is the whole point of this blog. If we have the power to do all this, why do we still become victims of the reality that we are fully conscious of? If you do not like the story that is unfolding in your life today, Press the pause button, stop, rethink it, make changes, and then reengage.

I would love to hear of your experiences in both dream and real life, where you made positive changes to craft new outcomes.