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Bruce Wade

Master Story Engineer

Professional Speaker

Strategy Coach


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“Bruce Wade has one of the most exceptional and creative minds I have ever encountered.”

“His ability to grasp big picture issues and then zone in on the smallest detail is incredible.”

“Bruce is a creative story engineer that will add value to any situation.”

“He is a blueprint genius creator”

I speak on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, taken from the 7 books I have written on these topics. I am best as a Keynote presenter, but also great on a panel to give a different opinion on a topic. I am often asked to do group or workshop facilitation to drive home the learnings into application for all participants.

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What is Your Story?

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So, what is your story? Every day when we open up our eyes, we begin a new chapter in our story. An untold story lies ahead of us. But unfortunately, most people wait for things to happen to them before acting or reacting. This makes for a very boring and often repetitive story. What if we could change all that and begin to live proactively and become the architects of our own story? What would your story be if you were in control? How different would your day be if [...]


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