Coalition or Not

By Bruce Wade

The big debate this week is who to get into bed with for the next five years. Politically that is. After our seventh democratic elections, the ANC has lost its majority and for the first time in our history, true democracy has emerged. But partnerships are key to the success of our future. But who to choose?
In life, we get to make these choices all the time. Who, who, who? Who do we partner with for friends, business, sex, marriage, or golf, you get my drift. We are consistently selecting people to partner with. Each time we have a choice based on what we are looking for.
The first criterion we need to consider is ego or hype outcomes. Do we select people that will make us feel good for now and shine the light on ourselves? We select the prettiest woman in the room based on looks alone. We selected the shiny red car because it makes us look good on Instagram. We tend to run to the spotlight before we have considered the long-term consequences. What if the pretty girl is not a good fit for our lifestyle, can she hold a conversation or cook? How will we tow our caravan with a red sports car?
Instead of just selecting the best short-term ‘for me’ outcome, maybe we should pause a bit and take a long-term view of the desired outcomes. Then select wisely and with intelligence and not just emotion or ego.
Decisions are not easy, but there are several tools that we can use. Tools to help remove the emotion out of the game and deliver a logical choice based on criteria and outcomes.
Well, if you are in this phase of your life: politically or otherwise, then I have just the solutions for you. I recently wrote a short book detailing a bunch of very cool decision-making tools for you to use. Want a copy? Sure.
Just CLICK HERE and download the eBook version directly to your device now. You are welcome.
If you are still here and not diving into the book, then consider these before making your next decision:

  • Pause a little before making a choice
  • Consider the long-term destination
  • Consider others who may be affected by your choice: what do they need and want
  • Consider the ramifications of your choice
  • Negotiate a win-win or no-deal transaction
  • Make your selection with confidence
  • Stick to it and make it work
  • Celebrate being an adult.

Let’s hope that our political system will be able to do the same in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Bill Brander 5 June 2024 at 09:14 - Reply

    Thank you for the book, Bruce. I will read it later. The pretty girl reminds me of a poem by Burns, “My Handsome Nell”: “A bonnie lass I will confess is pleasing to the eye, but without some other qualities, she’s no the lass for me.”

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