The First Word

By Bruce Wade

This week I get to present a workshop on how to start to write your first book.

One of the hardest things to write in the whole book is the first word. Wannabe authors stare and the white screen with that dreaded blinking cursor for hours trying to decide what the first word needs to be. In the workshop, we teach how to plan before writing starts, so that when it comes to writing your story, the first words come easily.

How similar is this to our own story? A new chapter begins each day as our feet hit the floor. But too often people a reluctant to get out of bed, because the thought of yet another day with a blank page and a blinking cursor is just too much to contemplate.

But if we have already planned the day and know what is on the agenda, we emerge from our slumber energised and enthusiastic for what lies ahead.

Writing our own story needs as much planning as a five-thousand-word chapter in a novel. Strategise, Plan, Execute. Without these, we amble along through our day merely existing and reacting as slaves to others who can live with purpose.

Maybe it is time to arise and awaken the purpose-filled potential that lies within you and map out the next page of your story that will move you into a position of opportunity. What would that look like in your life, in your business?