I offer a number of keynote topics: all of them customisable to your theme, desired outcomes and branding.

I speak on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing topics. I am best as a Keynote presenter, but great on a panel to give a different opinion on a topic or as a group or workshop facilitator to drive home the learnings into application.

All topics are available in Keynotes, Short Talks and Workshops

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The Architecture of a Great Story

The lack of story creation ability is seen in businesses today, as people struggle with abstract concepts and fail to realise what opportunities lie right before them, ready for the taking. This story development blueprint details all the required design aspects of a great story, a story that will draw attention and be remembered as one with a deep emotional connection.

The 7 Laws of Innovation


Innovation has become a critical survival skill to leverage opportunity and avoid potential hazards. Sustainable innovation requires a deeper longer-term strategy. The 7 laws of sustainable innovation provide a framework and guidelines, that when followed aim the acceleration towards your desired outcomes.

Crowd Control

What if everything you have been told about traditional sales and marketing is wrong, and actually designed to kill your business slowly and painfully to ensure your competition will outlast you? What if these new ideas could change all that and give you the advantage? What if your business never had to do sales ever again, but instead had to implement crowd control to manage the volume of people who wanted to engage with you and your product?

The Power of the  Second Question

Asking a question demands an answer, but too often we ask the wrong questions and never the second. This motivational and inspiring talk provides the tools and courage to dive deeper into relationships, situations, and strategies by understanding the power of asking the second question.

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