The Adventures of Brian the Blue Fruit Bat

Brian the Blue Fruit Bat lives in the great rain forest of Muhacha bordered by the big smoky mountain in the north and the great river to the south. Brian together with his friends Max the wise monkey and Crystal the mystical cat go off on various adventures through the forest to explore and find ways to assist and help other animals make a better life for themselves through proven entrepreneurial development tools.

The adventures of Brian cover simulated adventures with life lessons, offering applicable solutions and models to apply to your own life and business.

Brian and his friends were co-created by Bruce Wade and various artificial intelligence applications for the purpose of education through entertainment with believable scenarios from everyday life as seen through the eyes of a friendly bat.

Bruce Wade is a strategic story engineer based in Cape Town. Through his various businesses and ventures, he aims to better the lives of all people in Africa by applying the 7 principles of sustainable innovation.

Available Episodes

01 Brian and his Friends

02 Brian Builds a Network

03 Brian Solves a Problem

04 Brian does an Environmental Analysis