Positioned by Association

By Bruce Wade

This past week I was leading a discussion among speakers about positioning in the crowded marketplaces of today’s business. One of the aspects we touched on was positioning through association with others. How well are you positioned based on where you go and who you meet with?

A simple test for this would be to list the last 5 places you were at this week: pause and picture the scene. Then remove yourself from that image and ask a simple question: If someone you wanted to impress for business looked at this scene, (without you being there) would they expect to see you in that situation and would they be impressed that you were there?

On the other hand: would they be shocked or horrified to see you in that situation?

Being seen in a situation or with others will always build up an impression of you and your persona in the minds of others. Think about a few of the colleagues that you work with or want to work with: How do you perceive them based on where you have seen them or with whom they are associated?

Now let’s dash off to social media for just a bit. What sorts of posts do you put up on your FB and LI page: do they represent the true you? A false you? Or the you that you wish to become?

Are you consistent in your lifestyle and the places you go: Or do you have a hidden venue and people you hand with that you hope that no one gets to see or post about? Nowadays I do think that there is no place to hide. People will always see you, think about you and take pictures of you doing the stuff you do, even if it is just mental pictures, then post them through gossip with others.

Being positioned through association is more a lifestyle than a strategy, but strategic living will position you better in the minds of others than just living accidentally hoping for something to happen.

So go out today and be more purposeful about where you go and who you meet with, it could be the key to your next growth phase in your business.