My Choice is to Choose

By Bruce Wade

This week South Africans got to go to the national and provincial polls and vote for the Government that will lead our country for the coming political season.
Standing in the queue, I got to ask myself about my choice. Who do I select on the ballot paper, who do I trust, who will deliver, who won’t? It is my choice to select. Then it is my choice to stand by the choice.
Many others did not stand in the queue or even register to stand. That is their choice.
This is very much like our own lives. Too many of us simply exist through life, hoping others around us make the choices for us, so we can just exist and live. But this is not engagement. If we stand up and make a choice to choose a future for us, we are actively and proactively engaged in life. We live life forward, with purpose. We chose life.
As the political results get announced over the next day or two, we who voted get a say in how this unfolds. We can agree and object to the elected leaders in the future because we stand for choice. Those who did not, don’t.
In my life, if I make a choice, I get to participate and agree or disagree on the outcome. If I don’t, I should not. But once I start to make choices, I can adjust and correct along the way, forging a better path towards my future desired destination. If I merely exist, I and just a passenger to someone else’s agenda, and I should not have any right to complain.
Make the right choice today and choose.