I am very fortunate to be taking part in one of Bruce’s online business coaching sessions. Bruce shares practical insights that I think are important for anyone looking to prosper in business. The examples he uses during the sessions make it easy to picture and recognize where we are getting things wrong. He has the ability to simplify business concepts that otherwise seem difficult; breaking them down into manageable bites that are easier to resolve as a small business person.

Chipo Chawota

Bruce offers down to earth and straightforward tips and insights making things easy to understand and implement.

Lois Wagner

If you are an entrepreneur or run your own business, then I recommend Bruce Wade as your business coach. Bruce is the most down to earth coach that I have had the privilege of working with. His strategies are based on years of experience and the way he presents key information does not require that you have a “Business Degree” to understand. They are Practical, Proven, and Effective. I have run my own business since 2003 and Bruce has helped me tremendously in this crazy time of Lockdown. He truly is “The Superhero” for SME’s today. Thank you, Bruce.

Roger Payne

When I met Bruce Wade I immediately knew that he was a man of great stature. Not only because of his obvious superpowers (Batman!) but also because of his stature as Man, Friend, Colleague, Mentor, Team Player, Leader, Coach and Facilitator. Bruce always looks at how he can add value, how he can improve the lives of others and how he can advance the quality of work, income and spirit of those around him. Truly a Gentleman and a Coach to engage with. Thank you for your input in my life Bruce! You are well respected and honoured.

Johanita Serfontien-Schoeman

Bruce has been an invaluable source of support, information and providing contacts for further product development and branding support for my NEWCO project that I am working on. Highly recommended.

Michelle Connan

Working with Bruce has shown new and exciting understanding of business. His techniques for small businesses, innovation and mentoring is fantastic. We hope to do more work with small businesses together, in the not too distant future. Any business needing direction and just a push in the right direction – Bruce is your guy.

Diane Boorman

I first met Bruce as a fellow member of the Online Mastermind for Online Speakers mastermind group. I then went to him as a Business Coach for support with the changes I needed to make with my business and my life. I got exactly the hand-holding I needed to understand what was working for me and what wasn’t, and what I needed to do to be able to move forward with my business. Bruce has gone above and beyond to offer advice and guidance to me on this exciting journey and I give him my full recommendation.

Gail Sturgess

I am serving with Bruce on a Mastermind group for Online Speaking. He has shared so many valuable insights and wisdom freely, which in itself have been incredibly valuable in my business. I have also had a few individual coaching sessions with Bruce, where I was blown away by the depth he is willing to go into, the honest feedback, which were incredibly helpful and his understanding of my business needs, which he could address in a unique way using his models. I have valued from his coaching and are planning to make use of his services in the nearby future. You do not often get honest, candid, valuable assistance like this often.

Wilmien Davis

When it comes to innovation, Bruce is the true Batman for Business. I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce over many years and his dedication, insight and regard for his fellow man is admirable and exemplary. His focus is on the future, and I guess that’s a good thing, cause that’s where we’re all headed. To journey with Bruce is indeed a great honour.

Sid Peimer

Bruce is my Business Coach. The name “Batman for business” describes Bruce accurately. He is a skilled detective and agile fighter. His eyes, ears and heart do not miss a thing, but I always feel safe in his presence. If this Batman is on your side you will succeed. He is often a “bright light” in my night. I love to draw lessons from his insights, wisdom and experience. He is multi-talented in many aspects of life, so it is always fun to design, create and evaluate things with him. The standards that he applies to himself are much higher than the average person. He dedicates himself with unwavering passion, devotion and discipline to any cause, project, his goals and his client’s goals. You can’t help but to achieve with him. I continue to grow as Bruce inspires me to live a life of value, with integrity and to live without compromise. I can see how I am becoming the best version of myself while I am transformed like a worm in a cocoon to become the butterfly I am meant to be.

Marriet Visser