I am well versed in running workshops around a desired topic or outcome. Workshops can be facilitated in person, online or in a hybrid setting. Most workshops are accompanied by notes, one of my books or bespoke worksheets.

All Workshop topics are also available in Keynotes or Short Talks
To book me for a workshop, keynote or talk, please complete the form and I will get back to you with my availability and a quote.

Learn to Craft and Tell Your Story

The key to successful marketing, pitching and networking is the ability to craft and tell the story of your product, brand or company.

This highly successful and emotionally charged workshop walks participants through the story blueprint, unpacking all the essential ingredients of a captivating story. Stories are shared and evaluated if time allows.

Participants are giving a copy of the Story blueprint in the form of the notes or the book ‘The architecture of a great story’.

Crowd Control – Developing Marketing Strategies for the Gig Economy

What if everything you have been told about traditional sales and marketing is wrong, and actually designed to kill your business slowly and painfully to ensure your competition will outlast you? What if these new ideas could change all that and give you the advantage? What if your business never had to do sales ever again, but instead had to implement crowd control to manage the volume of people who wanted to engage with you and your product?

This programme is offered in Cohorts of 6 people (Book Your Seat) or as individual coaching.