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So What is Strategy

Strategy can be both a noun and a verb and is easily confused with other words in business such as mission, action plan, vision, KPA or even a simple To-Do [...]

Once Upon a Time

So, what is your story and how can it be told? Have you considered that maybe Once Upon a Time should be reserved for fantasy stories and maybe that [...]

Calamity, yet Hope

Calamity is not a word that I use often in my daily vocabulary. But it has been something that has come across my mind more and more these days. Google [...]

What is Your Story?

So, what is your story? Every day when we open up our eyes, we begin a new chapter in our story. An untold story lies ahead of us. But unfortunately, [...]

Interrupted Reality

The world has begun to move more and more away from the state of normal reality, as people become immersed in a different state of being, brought on by alternate [...]


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