The 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation: Law 7

By Bruce Wade

Law 7 – Learn to both tell and live your full story

Law 7 is listed as the last law but is integral in embracing them all into a cohesive story. Each story we tell and live comes from three distinct stories.

Our History: ‘Once Upon a Past’. This story details our heritage, our origins and the days and months leading up to where we are today. This story tells people why we are and where we came from.

Our Present: ‘Once Upon a Now’. This is our story of today. The daily activities, projects, and achievements. Building on our past this is where we are today, our present story.

Our Future: ‘Once Upon a Tomorrow’. Our future story is just an extension of our past and present but is guided by the decisions and achievements that have already been taken. The depth of the first two stories empowers the depth and longevity of the third.

We need to understand our origins, position our present and cast them into our futures. We do this learning to inhabit our story to its fullest extent and live and act with purpose and intent with our best team as we do the right things right.

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