So What is Strategy

By Bruce Wade

Strategy can be both a noun and a verb and is easily confused with other words in business such as mission, action plan, vision, KPA or even a simple To-Do list.

We define strategy as “a theory about how we see the current world, what influence we can have on it and what desired sustainable outcomes we aim to achieve”  The very fabric of a strategy is to create a laser-focused plan of action that has influence, through your business, on the current world, to invoke a specific desired change.

Any business or organisation without a defined strategy is often lost in their collective and individual pursuit of long term goals and flounders daily with tasks and issue resolution.

A team or organisation with a clear strategy is able to assemble resources and align them around the defined Purpose, Vision and Mission and using the Strategy create action plans with a tangible impact. A well-defined strategy is found in a strategy document that is a set of guiding principles and rules that the organisation follows; the focus areas or primary objectives of the entity. The strategy defines why the entity exists, including the mission statement and vision, who the entity works with and what work is done; what are the key non-negotiables for how the programmes/ products/services are delivered and for what benefit/outcome.

Ok, now that you have this down, maybe it is time to get your own strategy defined and get you and your team a bit more defined and focused…..

….and we are happy to help.

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