The 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation: Law 4

By Bruce Wade

Law 4 – Build for yourself the best team possible using the best people you can find

I was told at an early age, that if I ever found myself the smartest person in the room, leave and find a different room. When you have reached the top of your field, or room, there is no more room for growth and progress, so the environment needs to change.

The same applies to developing your team. Too many people hire team members who have less experience and education than themselves so that they can manage and teach them. This just creates a room where you become that smartest person and thus creating no room for progress and growth.

Law 4 defines another new word to sit next to the RIGHT of Law 1: BEST. Finding the best people who are skilled best for the defined activity will create a room filled with a variety of skill sets that are not only better but different to yours and thus leveraging innovation and creative thought.

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