The 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation: Law 3

By Bruce Wade

Law 3 – Learn to adapt to the changing world and to the rules that govern cooperative success

They say that the only constant we are left with is change. Change happens and happens fast. Just taking a day off will leave you behind the trend and away from the leading early adopters of innovation. But it is how we lean into change that affects our ability to keep up with the new world. Law 3 details the need to have the ability to ‘Learn to Adapt’. This is not a skill that comes naturally for most. We so easily fall into our behaviour ruts and keep on doing the same things over and over. We need to learn to recognise change and learn to have the mindset and ability to adapt to this change.

Not that we need to be onto every new idea that surfaces on the web each day, but keeping abreast of what is new, what is coming and then adapting to what is RIGHT for us to keep things RIGHT.

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