Who are your Supporting Characters?

By Bruce Wade

For every story, there is the hero, the one who rescues the princess or overcomes the obstacle to clutch victory in the face of defeat. But a lot of this main plot happens because of the designated supporting characters.

The sage is always at hand to offer solid advice when needed, and the wizard comes in to add some magic to the occasion and often gains the unfair advantage for our hero. Then we see the Caregiver who will offer a shoulder for support with words of encouragement and of course, no story is complete without some romance from a lover.

All these supporting characters add flavour and colour to the story within a book or video, they are never in the spotlight and hardly ever get any credit at the end when the hero stands victorious on the podium of life, but they are essential to the outcome.

Who are your supporting characters?

Who do you have written into your script of life that will play the Sage, the Wizard, the Caregiver and the Lover? The essential characters of a life well lived, are a life with purpose and one that is driven towards the end goal of victory, no matter what that may look or feel like.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. We are community creatures and only fully thrive with others around us. The essential skill required here is to carefully select, engage and employ the right supporting characters for our own lives, our business lives and our family to ensure that we are surrounded by the best support and the best character we can find. Then the best outcome is inevitable.