Once Upon a Now

By Bruce Wade

Each of our own life’s stories contains three distinct chapters: Past, Present and Future.

We have no control over the Past or the Future these stories live only in our heads and are not actual reality, the Present, the Once Upon a Now story is the one that is unfolding right now as we live and breathe the present moment.

In his book ‘The Power of Now’ Eckhart Tolle unpacks the principles of present awareness and how to live in the moment as fully as we can. Here is a collection of key points from his book:

  1. We need to become the person we want to be, by doing what we need to do, not just talking or thinking about it.
  2. We often avoid ‘pain’ by trying to become someone we are not to get around reality. In doing so we also miss out on other emotions.
  3. The only place we have true power is in the present, in the true now of self.

Each day when our feet hit the floor, we begin a new chapter of our Once Upon a Now story. What we get to do with the day, each moment is totally up to us all as individuals. We get to choose how we feel, how we react to situations and how we will respond to people we meet. We decide. Moving into this proactive lifestyle and not living in a reactive-blame mindset gives us the true power of living in the now.

Take a moment to consider your Once Upon a Now story for today. How is it going? What needs to change? Then change it: now.