My Word for 2024 is

By Bruce Wade

Each year I select a word for the year. This is a sort of theme that I can then build all other activities on. It is not a KPI or an OKR, but more of a guiding target to aim for that sets the tone for the other goals and activities. Our Wednesday Mastermind members get to share our words and then hold each other accountable for our actions during the year.

Last year I selected IMPACT for the year. This helped accelerate my bigger goal to reach and impact one million people by 2025. The year was a success as I got to reach and teach many different groups, and also build substantial resources and written books during the year that will go on to multiply their reach for years to come. To date, I have 25 books, 13 training manuals and now 1 novel written and published.

My word for this year is ENGAGE. I have selected this as it seems like the next stage to utilise the created resources to begin to have more meaningful conversations and deeper relationships with people. I want to be more purposeful in whom I work with, coach and spend my time with. As I enter my 60th year on earth, time has become more precious and I need to be focused on using it with more intent, rather than willing it away hoping for a better hour to come.

So, let this year be a year of deep engagements, meaningful conversations and intellectual transactions. If you have depth and insight to share, my coffee cup is ready to be filled. Let’s chat.