The Innovative Business Framework – Workshop

By Bruce Wade

This month we are hosting a workshop through Sustainable African Strategies. And what better way to kick this year off, than with a dip into business innovation aimed at sustainability? This is after all my playpen. If you are a current or even a budding business owner, then this is a must for you and your team. Join us on Wednesday 21st Feb, midday (SA time) for 90 minutes that may just add years to your business.

The Innovative Business Framework: What if there were a set of proven models and formulas to follow that would allow your business to stay abreast of the fast pace of development and innovation? In this informative workshop, Bruce Wade will unpack several models to inform your next business strategy to empower and accelerate your plans.

  • The Need for Change Formula: A mathematical take on corporate frustration that leads to change. Unpack and understand some of the multipliers and dividing factors of change management.
  • Trans-for-motion: Moving from fragile to agile in a fast-paced world that demands action fast and results even faster. Unpack
  • The 7-Step Innovation Model: Understand the steps to implement and the critical path of innovation.

We can’t predict the future, but with some education, we can learn to anticipate it. Register your place to this paid-for workshop and join those who plan to still be in business tomorrow.

Wednesday 21st February 12:00 – 13:30 (CAT)