Is Sustainability Stickable?

By Bruce Wade

Developing sustainable processes within business environments has become key to CEO and Operational teams. It is not the best practice to dive in a try things that fail and result in costly invoices and loss of personnel.  But experiment we must and try and try again we will.

Then once we have developed a sustainable process that ticks all the boxes of profitability, people, and planet – we can claim sustainability. But how hard should it be to remain sustainable? Is it like getting people to hold on to a rope with a weighted pulley, as soon as they stop pulling, the whole system fails and comes crashing down.

In my view sustainability needs to be effortless, otherwise it is not yet sustainable. If there is constant pressure of herding cats within the process, there is still work to be done and changes required.

Being sustainable should and needs to be fully effortless and self-governing without the need to apply constant managerial effort to remain in place.

Where in your business or processes are there constant battles of balance and managerial input to ensure things get done right? Should these not be returned to the development cycle for improvement and redesign before we as leaders can sit back and claim sustainability?

Just a thought.