Being a Batty Badger

By Bruce Wade

In December I gave up some of my leave time to spend with one of our clients, Saritha Wolff at her annual Honey Badger Boot Camp in Bredasdorp just inland from the tip of Africa at Agulhas.

This annual camp is aimed at empowering at-risk youth with soft and hard skills to develop their self-esteem, keep them from joining gangs and make them more employable once they leave school.

My designated task was to work with a small group of last year’s participants to develop their leadership skills. Over four days we took them through four stages of self-awareness, business skills, communication and ethics.

It is always hard working with youth, although I have extensive experience, it makes it all worthwhile when the lights go on and you begin to see change and commitment to a new future of hope and purpose.

Giving up some of my valuable time to lend a hand and impact eight teenagers, may not seem like a big commitment, but being a part of a programme that can change the lives of many teenagers, their families and maybe even the entire Southern Cape community: Priceless.

I was given the title of Batty Badger as a combination of my Batman and Honey Badger skills.

Check out all the pics and activities from the boot camp here: