What is Strategy?

By Bruce Wade

When I introduce myself as a Strategy Consultant, a lot of people seem to be unaware of firstly what a consultant does and mostly of what strategy is.

Here is my definition of strategy: ‘Strategy is the how, what, who, and when of getting from where you are to the designated destination constantly taking into consideration all the opposition, obstacles, and available advantages to make the journey as short as possible and keep in line with the allocated budget.’

In short, it is ‘getting shit done’

Consultants are the best vehicle any corporate or company have access to. Hiring a consultant allows managers to access specific specialist expertise at an affordable rate for a specific time without the burden of onboarding a staff member. We come in for a certain task, get it done and then move on. It also allows for a time of upskilling and milestone achievement for teams or projects that need a boost.

Putting these two together gives any company the fast seat for a short period with outside expertise to get shit done.

What projector department do you have that would benefit from a Strategic Consultant to help grease the cogs, realign the compass, and get some movement towards the summit.?

You have my number – give me a call.