The 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation

By Bruce Wade

There exist seven laws that govern the sustainability of innovation. Innovation for both large multi-national to the one-person start-up. These laws are simple, yet profound and when included as a part of the daily habits of teams will become the framework for a sustained and profitable entity that seeks to be a market leader in their innovative sector.

These laws are all governed by Law 1 and then united through Law 7 as they cover all aspects of activity, planning and execution for future projects.

Law 1: Always do the right things right, at the right time with the right people

Law 2: Build an effective and sustainable business model

Law 3: Learn to adapt to the changing world and to the rules that govern cooperative success

Law 4: Build for yourself the best team possible using the best people you can find

Law 5: Identify both risks and opportunities, then manage them taking proactive steps

Law 6: Become agile in your approach to risks and act with innovational intent

Law 7: Learn to both tell and live your full story


Additional information on each of these Laws will be posted on this platform. An in-depth understanding of all the Laws is available as a Keynote, Workshop of Coaching activity.

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