The 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation: Law 1

By Bruce Wade

Law 1 – Always do the right things right, at the right time with the right people

This is the first and most important law of the seven. This law needs to govern all the other laws and in fact, all activities related to sustainable innovation. The keyword here is ALWAYS. Not sometimes or whenever it suits or is financially advantageous, but ALWAYS.

Doing the right things right at the time with the right people is the absolute key to getting innovation sustainable and right.

What is important is to take time to define what RIGHT is. This leans back toward the values, mission, and vision of the organisation or individual. This may be different for each person and each organisation, but unless defined it becomes open to interpretation and will always lead to compromises and the degradation of the entire process.

So, before you start on any future project, any new innovative idea or any team activity, pause a little and define what RIGHT is and then apply Law 1 and remember to do it ALWAYS

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