Is it not time to bring in the Strategy Consultant?

By Bruce Wade

Most business owners I have met have a big issue about asking for help: Yes, you too.

Mostly the men, but some of the women Entrepreneurs seem to feel that they have the need and the ability to do everything in their business themselves. So off they go to develop a new product offering and they do all the design work and sourcing of the various supply chain materials, followed by construction, manual writing, and marketing.

Who else would be more qualified than the person with the vision and dream? Why would you ask anyone else, especially if they do not understand the whole picture and have little or no passion for the outcomes?

This may work for a season in the early stages of any business, but if it continues, the business will plateau and then tilt down towards the ever-present drain. Doing the same thing over and over hoping for a better result is…. you know the end of that story.

So, stop doing the owner-manager thing and get some fresh blood into the conversation. Develop a new strategy, a strategy that will peek over the horizon and manoeuvre around the obstacles of death and away from issues of complexity. A well-thought-out strategy for tomorrow, cannot be thought out with a founder’s mindset based in the past, or even with a manager’s mindset of today.

That is where an outside strategy consultant comes into the picture. We are only there for a short time. We bring fresh ideas collated from a wide source of experience and education. We bring new concepts and proven methodologies that work and will reposition both you and your business into the fast lane to success.

Become relevant for tomorrow, be positioned for the future and be tooled for your plans: that is strategy.  Give me a call.