Getting Shit Done

By Bruce Wade

I have two tattoos on my wrists: one says, ‘Let it go’ the other “Get it Done’. These are there mostly for me to remind me daily to let go of the things that I have no control of, interest in, or the need to be involved, and secondly to get shit done and get it done fast.
Innovation is not sitting and thinking about cool ideas and what could, may or should be one day when we get around to it. Innovation includes the all-important factor of converting ideas into action and getting them out into the market before anyone else.
Innovation in its simplest form covers 4 separate creation activities:

  1. Thinking of a new idea – ideation in its rawest form. This may include dreams, shower ideas, serviette sketches and random thoughts. But not to leave them there just to float in and out of focus inside your mind. Take a step and write your thinking thoughts down.
  2. Planning the new idea – once written down the thoughts start to gain clarity and will collect additional ideas until they become plans. Plans have momentum and will begin to gather other important attachments such as; people, actions, meetings, discussions, and deadlines.
  3. Developing some form of proof of concept or prototype – Your first attempt at developing whatever you were initially thinking of will most probably fail. But this is good, even great. Because now you have begun to find out ways it will not work that will eventually lead to the final solutions of a working version fit for consumption by others.
  4. Taking it to market – time to get your new idea concept to market. But not too late. They say that if you are not ashamed of your first product to market, you have waited too long. Get it out there and be open to feedback from those who use it. Then begin the process again with new ideas and planning and prototyping and release and repeat, repeat, repeat. That is innovation.

But Wait There is More

For those who are still stuck at the first step and have a million new ideas floating in and out of your brain each day, then I have good news for you. I have a gift that you can have for free and use each day. It is as simple as just downloading, printing and using as often as you need to it.
This is for all those who have ever said that when they get around to it, they will get their shit done. So here it is, with my greatest compliments, your very own Round Tuit to download and print.