CEO’s top 5 best hacks

By Bruce Wade

Here is an interesting article that I found on Medium this week…

When asked by an employee to reveal some of his best hacks that have made his successes, these are what he listed:

1. His Garmin watch to track his exercise. This is to find balance

2. A notepad. Yes like paper and pen, which he could use to take notes and jot down ideas as they happen. These are then later translated to any applicable electronic device. This is to find creativity.

3. Sneakers. Trading in his work shoes for something that felt like creativity on his feet has pushed his level of comfort to new heights. This is to find innovation.

4. Electronic calendar. A shared and easily accessible calendar that is open to all his staff and updated from a single source. This creates an open door policy and transparent engagement with everyone. The level of planning his day and then doing what is planned gives a sense of achievement and productivity. This is for time management.

5. Wake up light alarm. A simple programmable light that fades in the day gradually, allowing you to awaken without the blare of an alarm. This is for harmony

Simple tools to find Balance, Creativity, Innovation, Time management and Harmony. The perfect set of tools for a busy CEO

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