Bruce has a number of key note addresses that can be customized and delivered in different time slots to suit the Client's needs.

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The 7 Laws of the Bat Cave

There are 6 different areas that constitute a functional business, each has its own law, then there is one law that rules them all.

Bruce journeys through the quagmire of business innovation in a quest to save others from failing to reach their full potential as an Entrepreneur and owner of a successful, sustainable business.


 7 P's in a Pod

Businesses that do not have a solid foundation of proven processes at the time of their creation will fail more often than those who do.  

Bruce explores the vital seven step validation process of any new or emerging business idea that will improve the odds of survival in today’s cut throat market.

Who is I am?

Knowing who you are and what to do is life’s greatest treasure, living this out if life’s greatest pleasure.  

Bruce uses the Sphere of Mankind model to help understand and identify the main purposes and functions of our lives and how to best engage your future.  

"Simply awesome."


Don't Shoot Your Business in the Head

We make assumptions each and every day of our lives. Each time we do, we lift the revolver to our head and begin to pull the trigger.  

Bruce walks through the four critical processes required to identify assumptions and mitigate the associated risks   We need to work smarter, slower and with less untested assumptions and learn to develop a working risk management process within our business.